Comic Art Festival KL is a creator-focused event celebrating the creativity and diversity behind the art of illustration, comic-making and related fields.


29 & 30 July 2017

Dewan Bunga Raya
Campbell Complex

10am – 6pm

RM15 for a CAFKL Passport
(both days access!)


Campbell Complex
98, Jalan Dang Wangi
City Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nearest train station is the:
RapidKL Bandaraya LRT Station,
RapidKL Dang Wangi LRT Station,
RapidKL Medan Tuanku Monorail Station




  • Leaping into the Global Comic Scene
  • A Chat with Miin
  • Music and Math:
    The Creative Process and the Realities of Marketing Your Art
  • Turning Daily Life Frustrations into Fun!
  • Keith & Kaoru: Their Journey in Comics

Come and join the panels
as we discuss these issues
with our speakers!

  • Keith
  • Kaoru
  • Fishball
  • Miin
  • Tong Wei
  • Kheng Seng
  • Sam Hepburn
  • Arif Rafhan
  • Mimi Mashud
  • Stephani Soejono
  • Emiree Fazrin (Pokcik Fingernailz)
  • Adifitri Ahmad

Kheng Seng, Fishball and Tong Wei will be giving us insight on the global comic scene, their journey in comics and the accomplishments they have come to achieved.

An intimate session with Miin on his involvement with Tower of Saviors, Chronos Gate and the ever delightful and humorous webcomic, The Little World of Ah Po (阿波的小世界)!

The artists behind Maplé Comics' publications talk about the production of their art while the evil forces of comic publishers reveal the realities of marketing your art to the Malaysian public.

Come meet Sam as she talks about turning her everyday frustration into a mix of social commentary, humour, and candid storytelling.

Keith & Kaoru, veterans at Gempak Starz talk about working with Malaysia's leading comic publisher and offer insight on the comic industry.



Keith’s 4-panel comic “Lawak Kampus” is very popular among readers in Malaysia and even China, where it was published in “Comic World” weekly magazine. Keith is also the cartoonist behind the award-winning serialised comic, “Wasabi”. At present, he is supervising the production of “Lawak Kingdom”.



After graduating in 2001, KAORU joined Kadokawa Gempak StarzTM. She was the first full-time Chinese female cartoonist in Malaysia. Her ornate, Japanese manga-influenced art style has won her many fans. Kaoru continues to work in comic production, and has been the screenwriter for the “Candy” and “Prince” series since 2013.


Fishball is a freelance artist based in Malaysia. She likes to draw as her way of recording things, and is surprised that people are actually entertained by it. Published a book about her life with her huge geeky boyfriend, she then got her series picked up by Webtoon to be one of their featured works. Also likes her banana leaf rice drowned in a pool of dahl.


The definition of young and talented, Miin has garnered 140K fans on Facebook and has been drawing digitally since the age of 17. A MCC (Malaysian Comickers’ Challenge) finalist in 2014, he has also been involved in Tower of Saviors and Chronos Gate web series. He is currently a mobile game 2D character illustrator for Softstar Entertainment Inc.

Tong Wei

First introduced to the global comic scene with her first-place win at the prestigious Comico Comic Competition in Taiwan, and then following up with the most Promising Award in China’s Golden Monkey comic competition, Tong Wei is a fast-rising Malaysian comic artist who has been making waves in the international comics arena.

Kheng Seng

Born in Malaysia, Kheng Seng is the hand behind Tapastic top-viewed webcomic SILENT HORROR with 51 million views, beating out heavyweights like Gamercat and Sarah Scribbles. He is a veteran artist responsible for many comic hits throughout his decades-long career with Comic Weekly (漫画周刊), Singapore’s XZONE Comic Express (漫画快报X-ZONE) and many children’s books.

Sam Hepburn

Sam Hepburn is the creator of comic strips Questionable Quotebook, syndicated by US comics giant Universal Uclick, and Welcome to Agency X (WAX), which ran in the comic pages of The Star newspaper for a year. Previously a writer for design and advertising, Sam began drawing comics about her work and personal experiences in 2010. Since then she has built a loyal following amongst readers who enjoy her mix of social commentary, humour, and candid storytelling.

Arif Rafhan

Maplé Comics

Arif, an illustrator and comic artist based in KL is a strong advocate of comic-approach marketing – promoting it to his corporate clients as a unique way of communication. His work of wall art installations can be seen at GSC (Kuantan & MyTown), RapidKL, Majlis Bandaran Ipoh among others. He published his works under MPH and Maplé Comics banners, notably Pelempang Realiti (Maplé) and his collaboration with his journalist friend, Adventures of a KL-ite in Afghanistan (MPH).

Mimi Mashud

Maplé Comics

Mimi Mashud is a freelance illustrator and comic artist. A trip with her family to Beijing resulted in the self-published Beijing in 5 Days travelogue comic. The comic book later became her pitch for a grant which ultimately produced Kuala Terengganu in 7 days. This multi-talented storyteller writes, draws, inks and brings her work to life through water color and plans to do more travelogue comic books in future. She has also done work for Primeworks Studios, Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia, Flop Poppy, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, KLUE and Junk, among others.

Stephani Soejono

Maplé Comics

Stephani Soejono, an illustrator, comicker and storyboard artist is the writer and artist behind Tale of the Bidadari, Banana in Canada and the contributing artist for Liquid City 3 and The Sea is Ours.She has also worked for MnC Animation, Sesame Street India and Image Comics and is currently residing in Jakarta, missing Kolok Mee dearly.

Emiree Fazrin (Pokcik Fingernailz)

Maplé Comics

Emiree Fazrin, or better known as Pokcik Fingernailz, is currently the lead comic artist in Animonsta Studios, where he has been spearheading the production of BoBoiBoy Galaxy comic series. Outside of work, he is also working on his own comic series, Paradigma Guru (under Maplé Comics) which tells the story of a teacher who’s uninterested with her teaching career but all that changes when she suddenly gains the ability to hear the thoughts of those around her.

Adifitri Ahmad

Maplé Comics

AdiFitri is the creator of ‘The Redemption of Tanggang’, for which he won his second award at Intellectual Property Creators Challenge Malaysia. He designed and illustrated for clients such as Volkswagen, Proton, and Viking Tyres. In his spare time, he indulges in creating comics and fanart made available online. Mostly recently, a comic adaptation of a scene from Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.


  • Art Demonstration by Kaoru
  • Art Demonstration by Miin
  • Life Drawing



A rare glimpse into the creative process behind the art of Gempak Starz's Kaoru


Have a look of the behind the scenes in the art of Miin that has gained a massive 140K following.

Life Drawing

conducted by Linda Liao

A new life drawing activity joins CAFKL4! Join us with your sketchbooks!


Sequential Arts Youth Society (SAYS) are the people behind Comic Art Festival.

Sequential Arts Youth Society (SAYS Youth Society) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation that aims to educate the public about the ever-expanding ACG community in Malaysia. Established in 2009, its ultimate goal is to create a dynamic avenue where local and international creative talents can come together and push the Malaysian creative industry forward through innovative new ideas.

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